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Having PS3 the lead platform for Vanquish has been ‘a success’, says Mikami

Submitted by on Friday, 11 June 2010One Comment

Bayonetta, the last project for Platinum Games, was an excellent game, one which we would encourage everyone to play. It was fast, slick and wonderfully inventive. That being said, us PS3 owners had reasons to be dissatisfied because we ended up with a lesser product compared to the Xbox 360 version.

Thankfully, Platinum Games won’t be making the same mistake with their next game Vanquish, the PS3 is the lead platform this time round and Shinji Mikami (the game’s developer) has assured fans that this approach has been “a success”.

The PS3 version of Bayonetta had inferior graphics, more bugs and much longer loading times than its Xbox 360 equivalent. The last problem was improved significantly by an update which allowed users to pre-install the game, but we would still prefer not to have any problems with Vanquish.

The problems with Bayonetta came about because the development team had lacked experience on the PS3 platform. They brought in SEGA to work on the PS3 version but this didn’t work out quite as planned. Shinji Mikami, the mastermind behind Resident Evil 4, wasn’t leading the team back then, but he sounds keen not to let the same mistakes happen under his watch.

Mikami told CVG that his team had no choice but to make Sony the lead platform after the mistakes on Bayonetta. They think that if they get the PS3 version up to the required level, they can then move onto the Xbox 360 version without any problems. It’s an approach which has been a complete success, according to Mikami who was speaking to CVG.
Let’s hope so. Vanquish promises to reinvent the third person shooter, it will take the fast paced action of Bayonetta, add lots of bullets and force you to get right into the thick of the action. A trailer was released recently, make sure you check it out.