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SEGA interested in EA’s Online Pass

Submitted by on Friday, 4 June 20102 Comments

It looks like the writing is on the wall.  Every week we have brought you news that another developer is either implementing, or seriously considering adopting or adapting EA’s Online Pass.

Et tu, SEGA?

EA, THQ, Ubisoft and now SEGA – the big guns are definitely getting behind this method of game development.

For those who haven’t been keeping tabs on this, the Online Pass is essentially a voucher code which gives you access to play online, as well as DLC.

This is a one hit code – once you’ve used it no one else can.  Then when you trade the game in, the next person to buy it used will have to pay $10 for a new Online Pass.  If this pass isn’t purchased then you are denied access to online modes, and any DLC you have can only be played offline.

Other developers have made various modifications – but it all boils down to having to pay an additional fee for buying a used game.

SEGA West president Mike Hayes had the following to say;

“It is a very clever idea and is something we are certainly taking a look at.”

As always the response has been mixed – although it seems the PS3 Attitude Public are all in favour of this becoming the norm.