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Sony to enter the ‘Online Pass’ arena?

Submitted by on Wednesday, 23 June 20107 Comments

Another week, another report of a publisher considering use of an ‘Online Pass’ type system.  However this time the publisher in question is Sony – and the game is White Knight Chronicles 2.

Ssssh…No one tell our man Delriach.

At this moment in time, Sony hasn’t officially confirmed this is what they are planning to do, however a screenshot from a dummy box of White Knight Chronicles 2 shows that the game requires a Geonet subscription.  It’s worth noting that as it’s a dummy box, the final product may be liable to change – and it’s for the Japanese release, so again things might differ for other territories.

A code will be included in the box when you buy new, but as with other similar systems, once you use the code a new one will need to be purchased.

According to a moderator on GAF, the license for Geonet, which is required to play online with the game, will be tied to a single PSN account – which is annoying as the PS3 allows several accounts on one system.

Check out the box below;

We wonder…Online Pass for Gran Turismo 5 perhaps?