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Sony trademark ‘PlayView’

Submitted by on Wednesday, 9 June 20102 Comments

We love a good trademark filing here at PS3 Attitude.  To us they are like looking at a massive sparkly padlocked box covered in question marks – you have an inkling that something good might be in there, but there’s a chance it’s absolutely nothing.

Sony has recently trademarked ‘PlayView’ – and keeping in touch with the company’s mantra, this listing seems to do everything!

The trademark is fairly extensive – so pin pointing exactly what it’s about is a tricky task indeed.  Have a read below and see what you think;

“Portable electronic device for receiving and reading text and images and sound through wireless Internet access and for displaying electronically published materials, namely, books, journals, newspapers, magazines, multimedia presentations.

Computer game software recorded on optical discs.

Computer software for transmitting, sharing, receiving, downloading, displaying and transferring content, text, visual works, audio works, audiovisual works, literary works, data, files, documents and electronic works via video game machines and Hand-held games with liquid crystal displays.

Video game machines with television for personal use.

Retail store services in the field of electronic games, videos, electronic publications and music

Information providing devices, namely, computer terminals with encrypting software for transmission of messages via the internet web site and e-mail communication’ and ‘telephone apparatus.”

So is this a new service to the PSN?  Or perhaps a new PSP?  Or even the oft rumoured PSP phone?  Whatever it is, in May of this year Sony trademarked the tag line ‘step up your game’.

Is this what the tag line is referring to?