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Studio Ghibli RPG heading to PS3

Submitted by on Thursday, 24 June 20102 Comments

Exciting news for Studio Ghibli fans, as it seems the Level-5 Nintendo DS title – Ni no Kuni: The Another World – is coming to the PS3.

Can the extra power of the PS3 be put to good use?

Here’s a brief introduction to the game –¬†you assume the role of a 13 year-old boy named Oliver, a resident of Hotroit city whose mother Arie dies suddenly.

A doll previously given to Oliver by his mother reveals itself to be a male fairy named Shizuku, who gives Oliver a magic book that allows him to go to the world of ‘Ninokuni’, a reality parallel to his own, where the fairy states the boy may be able to revive his mother.

Way back in 2008 it was hinted that the game might make a console appearance, and we are pleased that this week’s Famitsu reveals that the console in question is the PS3.

The magazine doesn’t provide details on the PS3 version, but it does say the following;

“You’ll be able to adventure in a world that has the feel of a Studio Ghibli anime.”

A couple of game screens in the magazine show just how amazing this game could look, and a trailer shown off today is meant to look fantastic Рswitching from cutscene to gameplay flawlessly. Unfortunately a release date is TBA but we are hoping for some more information soon.