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THQ bring de Blob 2: The Underground to PS3

Submitted by on Friday, 18 June 2010One Comment

When it was released in 2008 ‘de Blob’ was a rare beast indeed – a halfway decent third-party game for the Wii.

A charmingly colourful puzzle-platformer, de Blob received a positive reaction from critics with a number of awards, including ‘best use of sound’, to its name and a decent Metacritic score of 82.

However despite the accolades the title never really escaped the label of a ‘cult’ game, with many reviewers citing a lack of variety as being one of the main factors holding it back from more mainstream success.

THQ will hopefully be looking to rectify this with the launch of de Blob 2 on the PS3 which this time is not only going HD, but 3D as well.

The premise of the original game was fairly simple: INKT, an unashamedly evil military dictatorship, had siezed control of the fictional city of Chroma. They then set about stealing all of the city’s colour in order to supress the populace in a ‘colour-is-good-no-colour-is-evil’ visual metaphor similar to that used in ‘Mirror’s Edge’ or ‘The Saboteur’.

Into this drab landscape steps the titular Blob, who is tasked with restoring colour to the world in order to free the people. Initially a transparent water-like substance, Blob rolls around the cityscape collecting paint in order to change  into one of the three primary colours. The player must then travel around one of the 10 giant levels collecting more paint and smearing it on various landmarks while avoiding various pitfalls and enemies.

Simple yet compelling, the title had a certain whimsical charm. Also in its favour was a fantastic context sensitive soundtrack which entailed more layers of instrumentation grudually being added as colour was restored to the city, with different instrument solos depending on Blob’s current colour.

For de Blob 2: The Underground THQ are keeping all of the things mentioned above that made the first game so good, while making several significant additions.

de Blob certainly doesn't need more cuteness, but will it appeal to the PS3 market?

de Blob certainly isn't short on cuteness, but will it appeal to the PS3 market?

Firstly we will see a refocused game structure, adding 2D sidescrolling sections and additional sidequests  to break up the 3D platforming that formed the entirety of the first game.

Secondly they are introducing an entirely new element to the series with the inclusion of multiplayer support. Competitive modes with split-screen support for 2-4 players are mentioned as well as the ability to play through the story co-operatively, with the second player controlling Blob’s pinky. Which, before you snigger, is Blob’s “sassy robot sidekick”.

Finally we are promised new enemies, a new city to explore, and new abilities, although there are no specifics at time of going to press.

There are also unfortunately no specifics regarding online play or 3D support at this point.

THQ lead their press release with the promise of 3D, but it is never elaborated upon further. We can only assume that this is due to the multi-platform nature of the title and, with both the Wii and 360 being incapable of 3D support, we will likely have to wait for a PS3 specific statement before we can learn more about the 3D element.

Online play on the other hand is conspicuous in its total absence. You can look over some of the details for yourselves on THQ’s website.

So de Blob is to join a growing number of franchises making the leap from Wii to PS3, but are you interested in playing it? Your input is as always appreciated!