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Four new titles slated for release on PlayStation Network

Submitted by on Friday, 18 June 20103 Comments

With all of the excitement surrounding E3, including massive reveals such as the long awaited release date for GT5, a lot of  announcements simply get lost.

Well here at Attitude Towers our motto is ‘leave no game behind (especially not on public transport)’, so we bring you five PSN game announcements from the last week that you may have missed whilst you were busy making your Kevin Butler E3 scrapbooks.  

Landit Bandit.  

PSN release date: June 23rd (EU)  

Price: €12.99  

Announced the week before E3, ‘Landit Bandit’ is billed as a “retro-advanced-casual-physics-based-chopper-game”.  

Being developed by UK/Sweedish based developers ‘The Bearded Ladies’, who describe themselves as a “bohemian independent games developer”, the game itself is sounding suitably whacky. An unscrupulous art dealer has arrived and shattered the idyll of a peaceful island, and it is your job as one of the islanders to help him fly back to the big city – in a wooden helicopter constructed out of the complete collection of Da-vinci paintings.  

Shaping up to be somewhat of a homage to a ‘bygone era’ of gaming, players are promised 6 unique ‘retro-chic’ 3D game-worlds with game mechanics borrowed from classic titles. Standing in your way as you pilot your craft are not only gravity, wind, water and trees, but also ‘curious non-player characters’.

To keep the action fresh each of the 6 worlds comes with a new skill-set to learn, and ‘masterful control’ is rewarded by upgrades to your helicopter.  

As well as a single player campaign there will also be a split-screen co-op campaign ‘with a twist’,  and a split-screen duel mode in which players will utilise island-themed weapons in a competitive ‘taxi service’ race.  

The whole thing is really too confusing to adequately sum up here, but you can learn more about the game and the apparently “beautiful” and “well groomed” team in their first developer diary.  

Landit Bandit confuses and intrigues us in equal measure.

Tales From Space: About a Blob  

PSN Release Date: Winter 2010  

Price: TBA  

The maiden original console release from Developer DrinkBox Studios, ‘About a Blob’ is the second blob-based game we’ve reported on this week.  

Details are currently scant for this title but from what little we know it sounds pretty cool.  

The game focuses on the titular blob, an innocent little creature that grows and grows until it eats the whole world. The gameplay is puzzle-focussed and the art-style retro, with the game very much centered around a monster movie setting and theme.  

We’re not sure quite how the gameplay is going to work, but the developers claim it will feature “unique growth and absorption control mechanics”. The title will also feature both single player and co-op modes, but nothing more specific than has yet been outlined.  

You can check out the fairly brief press-release for yourselves here

Are we the only ones reminded of the R.L. Stine book "The Blob Who Ate Everyone"?

Days of Thunder: NASCAR Edition  

PSN Release Date: Summer 2010  

Price: TBA  

Piranha Games’s new project, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Tom Cruise movie ‘Days of Thunder’, is good news for both fans of the film and for those of you lamenting the death of EA’s NASCAR franchise.  

The game will give you the chance to race against both current NASCAR drivers and characters from the movie at the same time, and the driver’s AI is tailored so that players will experience each driver’s personality, driving style and signature maneuvers. The career mode follows the plot of the film and the game features 12 officially sanctioned NASCAR tracks.  

There will be four different modes – Quick Race, Time Trial, Career, and best of all Derby Mode, in which players are encouraged to deal as much damage as they can. Sounds a lot like the ‘Destruction Derby’ series of games, which would be most welcome.

The Career mode sounds like it has some interesting ideas too. For example driving style will be constantly monitored and then players approached by ‘like-minded’ sponsors. At Attitude Towers we get the distinct impression we’d probably be approached by someone like Direct Line Car Insurance!

You will also win in-game currency depending on your driving performance, which will be necessary for everything – ranging from refuelling to upgrading your car.  

Online play rounds out the features, with up to twelve cars on the track at any one time and online leaderboard support.  

The game is looking good and as Piranha Games have worked on the Need for Speed franchise in the past we have high hopes for this one.  

How dangerously do you have to drive to be sponsored by The US Army?


PSN Release Date: Summer 2010  

Price: TBA  

TerRover marks developer Creat Studio’s tenth title to be released over the PSN, with previous games including Smash Cars, Wakeboarding HD and Mushroom Wars.  

Working together with Sony Online Entertainment this time around, Creat are reportedly serving up a “highly stylised, physics based all-terrain vehicle game” which will sport unique cartoon graphics in a 2D environment.  

Gameplay is based on navigating a terrain rover through over forty puzzling arcade levels, with players required to take into consideration the vehicle’s wheel rotation, pivot center, gravity system and various weapons to overcome a multitude of barriers and obstacles.

The action will take place over 5 different ‘worlds’, with terrains ranging from icy vistas to fiery volcanoes.

Three local multiplayer modes are on offer, with support for up to four people. There will also be leaderboards and PlayStation Network trophies to collect.

This title is actually on show at E3, so expect to hear more details soon.

We hope that the rover looks EXACTLY like this!

So there you have it. Four brand new games to look forward to that you may not otherwise have been aware of. By the way, did we mention that all four are PSN exclusives?

Well all four are PSN exclusives. Its a good time for the service right now, which of course means a good time for us gamers!

The big question though is do any of them take your fancy?