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White Knight Chronicles 2 Includes Original WKC and More

Submitted by on Thursday, 3 June 2010One Comment

Didn’t buy the first White Knight Chronicles? Not a problem. An updated version of the original game will be included in the sequel.

Rumors about Level-5 including the original White Knight Chronicles in part 2 have been lingering around the web for awhile. Famitsu finally confirmed the reports and provided tons of details.

Thankfully, Andriasang’s Anoop Gantayat has once again provided a summary of all the information. Remember, this is only confirmed for the Japanese release of the game. An international edition hasn’t even been announced yet.

So what exactly is being included? According to the report, everything. The entire first game and every bit of downloadable content from the original will be available in White Knight Chronicles 2. Pretty awesome, no? Well, it gets even better. Level-5 is updating the original game to the standards set by the sequel. As a result, White Knight Chronicles will look better and haveĀ  new gameplay mechanics.

The reasons for including the first WKC make sense. The developers were worried that gamers might skip out on the second game if they never played the first. It’s impossible to miss out on the story now. The devs also want players of the original game to replay WKC with all of the new gameplay mechanics that have been added.

Here is a screenshot of the updated White Knight Chronicles. Can you spot any differences?

When screenshots of WKC2 first came out, we noticed that custom avatars were undergoing transformations. At least, that’s what we thought the characters were doing. It looks like we were right. Your customized avatar can now transform into a knight. If you weren’t aware, this was not possible in the first game.

The knights that your avatar can transform into were apparently created by researchers from The Kingdom of Balandor. These knights can be customized just like your avatar. At first, there will only be a few colors to choose from. You’ll be able to unlock additional customization options by completing the appropriate quests. Players are also able boost the stats of their knight with “Core Units” and “Jewel Points”.

Check out the screenshots of the Arc Knights below. Notice that characteristics of each knight is different. It looks like the creation tool is quite powerful.

The online mode was briefly discussed. Just like with the original, there will be downloadable quests (twice a month). Level-5 is looking to host events during the holidays, although nothing has been set in stone yet. Expect collaborative quests. In fact, one has already been announced and it’s with the Weekly Toro Station news application available to PS3 owners in Japan. It was also confirmed that you can have up to six members in a party. Will there be transformations online? Yes, although it seems like there will be limitations.

White Knight Chronicles: Awakening of Light and Darkness hits Japan on July 8th.

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