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12% of Brits can’t see 3D TV

Submitted by on Monday, 12 July 20105 Comments

Sony is leading the big push for 3D gadgets such as the PS3, TV and cameras.

But a worrying statistic suggests that 12% of Brits, about six million people, can’t even see 3D properly.

This fact is a major blow to Sony and other companies as they are targeting a market where over a tenth of the consumers can’t take advantage of 3D anyway even if they wanted to.

Dharmesh Patel, chairman of The Eyecare Trust, spoke to MCV:

About 12 per cent have 3D vision problems and you’ll find a similar percentage worldwide. I don’t think there are any long-term negative impacts. But it can create really bad headaches and aches behind the eyes. 3D is appearing everywhere and there’s loads of people complaining that they can’t see it.

As Partel suggested, these problems will be common around the world such as the United States, and not just Britain, making it a major issue for the technology.