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Activision sign up Joss Stone to be Bond girl in new 007 game

Submitted by on Friday, 16 July 20102 Comments

Grammy and Brit Award winner, Joss Stone, has been been hired by Activision to play the new Bond girl in James Bond 007: Blood Stone. As well as starring in the game, Stone has written an exclusive track called ‘I’ll take it all’, which will  feature Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics. Good news or bad news? Well that depends on your tastes – but she’s no Ursula Andress or Shirley Bassey, that’s for sure.

The game is due out later this year and it will feature an original story written by Bruce Feirstein who’s had experience writing screenplays for the Bond films GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies and The World is Not Enough.

The game is being developed by Bizarre Creations, the team behind the racing game Blur. Bizarre will look to utilise their expertise in driving games by adding high speed car sections. These will offer a change of pace from the third-person action that will make up the bulk of the game. Expect lots of cover-based firefights and hand-to-hand combat.

Blood Stone will feature full throttle driving sections

The game’s graphics fail to live up to the high standards that have been set so far in this generation, but we’re still hopeful that Blood Stone can deliver. It will have cool gadgets and exotic locations, and with Daniel Craig and Judi Dench both providing their voices and likeness to the game, this promises to be an authentic Bond experience.

With production of the new Bond film currently put on hold, due to the ongoing sale of MGM, this could be our only opportunity to experience the iconic MI6 agent’s exotic life for a while. Let’s hope it has the quality.

Check out more screenshots below…