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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 VIP Map Pack 4 Inbound

Submitted by on Wednesday, 7 July 20106 Comments

Anyone out there still playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2?  If so, have you been to the in-game store and looked under the ‘upcoming’ section?  For those of you that have, you may have noticed something new that has recently popped up.  For those of you that haven’t, we can feel your curiosity and we’re here to bring you the info.

We recently found some details and a launch date for VIP Map Pack 4, but unlike most of our news and tips this one came from inside the game itself.  The in-game store that DICE uses to help distribute some of their DLC just posted the pack in their upcoming section.  The pack will apparently include more of what we’ve been getting – the same maps used in different game modes.

Atacama Desert – which has always been a map reserved for Conquest – is being transformed in to a compatible map for the Rush game type.  In similar fashion, Port Valdez – which up until now was always a Rush only map – is being set up for Conquest.

This new map pack comes out on July 7 and will be free to VIP members.  If you’re not a VIP member,  you can head to the in-game store and purchase a pass for the low low price of only $14.99, and in doing so gain access to all the VIP packs.

We think it’s great that DICE is supporting the latest game in their flagship series, and we think it’s even better that this content is free to many of the gamers that own the game, but let’s stop for a second and think about what we’re actually getting with these packs.

Three of the four bundles they’ve released as of thus far have all be pretty much rehashes of maps we already had.  They’ve taken 6 maps that were already in the game and tailored them for different game modes.

Sure the first map pack we got included 2 brand new maps, but if you’ll think back when it actually came out, it was available at launch.  Based on the fact that DICE worked very hard to promote the multiplayer component of this title, and the fact that it only originally shipped with 8 maps to begin with, tells us that the first real map pack probably should have been included in the game right from the get-go.

Don’t get us wrong, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 still offers some of the best tactical multiplayer to date.  DICE has done a good job releasing patches to fix lingering issues as well as giving us a full-fledged co-op add on, but we here at the Attitude Towers think it’s time for something more.

Four new maps that can be played in at least two different game modes should suffice – and while you’re at it why don’t you make them free for everyone?  You’re listening, right DICE?

So how about you guys and gals out there?  How do you feel about the post-launch content that has been provided?