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Bleszinski takes us on a walk through Bulletstorm

Submitted by on Friday, 2 July 20103 Comments

EA has released a video with Cliff Bleszinski, the design director at Epic Games, who takes us through his team’s latest project, the obscenely gory Bulletstorm. Bleszinski shows off the game mechanics, and he informs us that this is the only video game that allows you to give your enemies “a colon cleansing with lead.” We’re sold.

Bulletstorm is an FPS that encourages you to get in on the action and take enemies head-on by rewarding you with points for your aggressive approach. Even better, the more extravagant the kill the more points you’ll get. For example, lodging an explosive into your enemy before kicking him into a crowd of his allies so they all explode is a good way to get points. Nasty.

It’s running on the latest Unreal 3 engine meaning the graphics are very smooth and slick. The game also has a satisfyingly fast tempo, it’s certainly not a slog.

It’s shaping up nicely but, then again, we shouldn’t expect anything less from the team behind the classic Xbox franchise, Gears of War.

It’s not due until 2011 but check out the video above. It’s an entertaining watch.