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Capcom plans to support Super Street Fighter IV with small downloadable updates

Submitted by on Friday, 16 July 20102 Comments

According to Yoshinori Ono, Capcom is planning to support Super Street Fighter IV with downloadable updates.

The PlayStation community were given the opportunity to ask Yoshinori Ono a few questions about Super Street Fighter IV recently. While many of the answers are not too surprising, Ono-san does reveal that Capcom plans to support SSFIV with downloadable updates.

It’s unknown if this comment is at all related to the upcoming Comic-Con announcement. We’ll know for sure next week.

Are you going to release any other Street Fighter IV titles or is this the last one? (Morphing, Spain)

We don’t plan to release a Hyper or Ultra SFIV. SSFIV is the last major update, and we plan to release small downloadable updates like we did in June 2010.

For those unaware, on June 15th Capcom released a Tournament Mode update for Super Street Fighter IV. The free update also included some gameplay tweaks and bug fixes.

An arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV is currently in development and one has to wonder if there will be additional gameplay tweaks that would differentiate it from the console version. Here is the question I asked Ono-san regarding that:

Will there be additional tweaks made to the arcade release of Super Street Fighter IV and any of the characters? If so, would those changes make it in an update for the PlayStation 3 version? (Delriach, US)

The arcade version is at least going to be a perfect port of the console version. Whether we can add some extras to it will depend on the players’ passion and whether we have enough energy to work through the nights. If we do make some changes to the arcade version, it is not impossible to apply the same changes to the PS3 version. However, as I can’t get down to it yet, I have to ask you to wait for a while.

It’s a bit interesting that changes from the arcade version wouldn’t be applied to the PS3 version. This is especially perplexing since it was revealed that there would be downloadable updates. Let’s hope that the future DLC isn’t just costumes and is actually something significant.

It was recently revealed that BlazBlue: Continuum Shift will have downloadable characters, with the first being Makoto due to release in August. Mortal Kombat will also feature downloadable content. It seems appropriate that Capcom would do something similar.

Will Capcom’s plans to support SSFIV with DLC become a reality?

[The People vs Super Street Fighter IV]

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