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No current plans for a sequel to Enslaved

Submitted by on Wednesday, 21 July 2010One Comment

Tameem Antoniades, the co-founder and chief at Ninja Theory, has said that the team have no plans to make future Enslaved games, that their focus is solely on making this Enslaved game great.

This doesn’t mean there won’t be a sequel, just that they don’t expect to make one unless the game is “miraculously successful.”

Antoniades may be sounding pessimistic, but this is understandable when his team’s other titles didn’t exactly flourish:

“We did Kung-Fu Chaos and there was no sequel for that. Heavenly Sword, there was no sequel for that. So we’re now in the mindset that there’s not going to be a sequel for this unless it’s miraculously successful. Well not miraculously, but we don’t assume it’s going to be successful.”

Still, the main reason why they aren’t planning a sequel is not because of low expectations, it’s because Antoniades doesn’t want to be holding back ideas for a sequel rather. He wants “every cool idea and concept” to make it into this game, not future titles.

“For this game this is the one story, we focus everything on that one story and pretend there won’t be a sequel. So no, we don’t have a big arc… If there is going to be a sequel then you can probably think there will be two sequels and you can start planning that.”

If the team do decide to make a sequel, they may find out that they used all their ideas in the first game; it’s the main drawback from this approach. Antoniades, however, doesn’t think this will be a problem because Enslaved’s world gives them enough to work with: “There are ways to extend it out, I’m not worried about that. I just didn’t want to leave anything hanging – I hate that.”

New IPs are notoriously difficult to sell in the current market because gamers prefer to go back to tried and tested franchises rather than risk spending a lot of money on something new which they may not like. For this reason Enslaved is likely to struggle even though it looks a promising game.

Ninja Theory deserve praise for their approach, if no one was making new IPs then the games industry would end up looking very dull indeed. Don’t you think?

[Source: CVG]