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Deals of the Week – 30th July 2010

Submitted by on Friday, 30 July 2010One Comment

Do you have some money that you’re simply desperate to spend? Well you have come to the right place as we have another Deals of the Week article to recommend what games you should buy.

This week as every week we have been searching the interwebs for the best PS3 game deals. We will feature two for the UK, and two for the US. But because we don’t want you to miss out on any other cool deals, at the bottom you can also see any others we have found. For instance, right now you can buy Bioshock 2 for just £9.99!

But it’s important to remember that if you find any other great deals, please share them with us and we’ll add them to the article.

United Kingdom

Half Life 2: The Orange Box – £10.93

Back in November 2007 our very own DolphGB wrote that “Portal is a marvel of three-dimensional puzzle solving and, by all accounts, is the absolute star of the show. Addictive, compelling and mind-altering, Portal will have you fully occupied for hours on end.”

Naturally he was absolutely spot-on. Now with Portal 2 set to arrive in October of this year there is absolutely no excuse if you haven’t played the first instalment.

No excuse at all. If you haven’t got a PC up to playing The Orange Box you may have been avoiding the PS3 version due to the reported framerate issues, but again as we said way back in 2007 they really, really, aren’t a game-breaker.

Of course as the name suggests, The Orange Box has more than just Portal. Half Life 2 is included in its entirety along with both Episodes 1 and 2.

You also get the multi-player smash-hit Team Fortress 2, although we wouldn’t expect many to still be playing this over PlayStation Network.

Nonetheless Portal and Half Life 2 are still easily worth twice this asking price, even almost 3 years on.

If you’re a PlayStation only gamer and have been missing out on these games until now, please act right this instant and stop robbing yourself of these great games.

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All sales made through PS3 Attitude help our charity fund.

Toy Story 3 – £29.99

Movie tie-ins are notoriously very poor, but Toy Story 3 is a rare exception to this rule. This game can be best described as raw fun.

You can play as either Woody, Buzz or Jessie in a platformer around various environments such as those in the new Pixar film. All three characters have their own unique abilities which come in useful when trying to reach the end of the different stages.

The game is quite easy which helps to target all types of gamers, and the addition of split-screen multiplayer makes it a great choice for parties.

Beyond the main campaign is perhaps the better part of the game and that is the toy box mode. This open world feature allows you to create a whole town and complete a number of challenges such as racing or collecting coins.

Additionally, gathering special items in both the story mode and toy box mode unlocks extras such as concept art, interviews, or new materials to build structures.

In all, the Toy Story 3 game certainly won’t be a contender for Game of the Year, but it’s a must-buy for gamers who love the films, and is recommended for everyone else who want a fun and enjoyable experience.

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All sales made through PS3 Attitude help our charity fund.

United States

Final Fantasy XIII – $35.07

The Final Fantasy series is amongst gaming’s most iconic franchises, and this year the PlayStation 3 got its first taste of Final Fantasy’s popularity.

As a one of 2010’s biggest titles, Final Fantasy XIII is a game fans have been waiting a very long time to enjoy. But as many of you know, each title in the series is unique meaning that newcomers need not to worry about playing every other of the games first.

The title is an RPG at heart which may ring bells as hardcore, but it is designed to appeal to casual gamers too, even those that may have never picked up a role-playing game in their life, let alone a Japanese one. In our review we said that “Anyone can jump into Final Fantasy XIII and appreciate what it has to offer”, which couldn’t be any more true.

It is hard to argue with the fact that Square Enix have developed a game to appeal to the masses but still tries to cater to the series’ strong following. The story telling and character development provides much depth which helps live up to the franchise’s legacy. It’s an exceptional title, and although some diehard fans of the series may feel that Square is becoming too generic with their approach, it deserves a spot on most gamers’ shelves.

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All sales made through PS3 Attitude help our charity fund.

Katamari Forever – $29.29

And now for something completely different.

Yes Katamari Damacy series aren’t exactly your average games. Referred to affectionately as ‘Roll-em-ups’ it sees you rolling a magical ball, a Katamari, around various locations.

Objects you touch stick to your Katamari increasing its size and thus allowing you to collect even larger objects. You may start by running over and collecting people and end up collecting entire mountains. Eventually your ball of assorted objects is large enough that it can be turned into a star.

Katamari Forever is known in Japan as Katamari Damacy Tribute, which should give you some idea of the content of the game – 34 levels some of which are brand new, but many of which are levels taken straight from previous games.

Longtime fans that loved the series first and foremost for its originality and innovation may therefore be disappointed by how little this latest version adds to the formula, but for new-comers and diehard fans this version of the game certainly is the definitive version.

So if you’ve never played a Katamari title before we urge you to go out and buy this game for a completely new kind of gaming experience – you won’t regret it.

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All sales made through PS3 Attitude help our charity fund.

Other Great Deals

United Kingdom

United States

All our PS3 Deals of the Week are correct at the time of publishing – the vendors listed may change these at any time.