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Develop 2010; Scribble Shooter coming for PlayStation Home

Submitted by on Wednesday, 14 July 2010One Comment

PlayStation Home will soon see a new arcade title that borrows heavily from the massively popular ‘doodle’ titles you may have seen on you iDevice or Android phone.

Nick Ryan, Lead Designer for the PlayStation Home Platform, who has been at Sony for 14 years working on titles such as Dropship on the PlayStation and SingStar on the PS2, told visitors to Develop 2010 how game design within Home can cause its own challenges, and revealed the new arcade title – Scribble Shooter.

Nick spent time to explain how games can be developed and maintained with Home, and told Develop that there are essentially three types of games that can be created; Mini-games/Actives, Arcade Games and Full-Environment Games.

Mini-games and Actives are the items that you see within a scene, such as the chess, pool tables or an aquarium, for example. These items have some fairly tight memory constraints, so it isn’t possible to make these too complex.

Arcade Games are self-explanatory, providing a walk-up cabinet within Home that you can access and play. During the talk, Nick revealed video footage of Scribble Shooter, a top-down shoot-em-up that is designed to look as if you’re playing the game on a notepad, with hand-drawn enemies.

Scribble Shooter looks like a fun addition to the ever-expanding Home universe.

Full Environment Games are the complete scenes that you’ve already experienced from as far back as the Red Bull Air Race space, which included a plane racing game, through to the latest areas you’ve seen from partners like EA.

Nick also revealed that, on average, people spent 65 minutes in the Christmas space they designed for the holiday period last year.

Sodium One, for example, has been immensely successful within Home. Exclusive to the Home platform, this 3D shooter has provided an experience most people wouldn’t have expected to find within Home back when the social gaming system was first launched.

From what we’ve seen today, Home still has a lot to offer in the future, whether it be new items, smart-looking arcade games like Scribble Shooter, or new environments such as the LocoRoco area.