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EVO 2010 Super Street Fighter IV Tournament Results

Submitted by on Sunday, 11 July 2010One Comment

Today is the last day of EVO. The top 8 in the world are competing in Melty Blood, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Tekken 6, and Super Street Fighter IV. Watch the world finals on PS3Attitude.

[Update: The SSFIV results have been posted]

[Update: Live stream link has been removed. Check out the end of the post to see the results for all three days]

As we mentioned earlier in the week, EVO is the biggest fighting game tournament in North America. Professional players from all over the world will be participating and you’re invited to see the action for yourself.

There are six games features this year. Here’s the schedule (PST):

Friday, July 9th

  • 9am – 12pm: Tatsunoko vs Capcom Pool Play
  • 12pm-12am: Super Street Fighter IV

Saturday, July 10th

  • 9am – 1pm: Tekken 6 Pool Play
  • 1pm – 3pm: Tekken 6 Semi-Finals
  • 3pm – 9pm: Super Street Fighter IV Semi-Finals

Sunday, July 11th


  • 10am – 12pm: Melty Blood: Actress Again
  • 12pm – 2pm: Marvel vs Capcom 2
  • 2pm – 4pm: Tatsunoko vs Capcom
  • 4pm – 4:30pm: Super Street Fighter IV Women’s Invitational
  • 4:30pm – 6pm: Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
  • 6pm – 8pm: Tekken 6
  • 8pm – 9pm: Marvel vs Capcom 3 Exhibition
  • 9pm – 11pm: Super Street Fighter IV

You can catch the action on the official EVO 2010 broadcast. The quality is surprisingly very good right now, although it could get worse during the finals. We’re confident that the producers of the stream, Level|Up, will do a great job.I had the pleasure of meeting Keits, one of the commentators for the stream, at Midwest Championships and at E3 this year. Definitely listen to his remarks as they will be very informative. He knows a lot!

[Update day 2]

Eventhubs compiled a list of the semi-finalist for Super Street Fighter IV:

Winners bracket:

  • Daigo Umehara (Ryu) vs. Lamerboi (Guile)
  • Shizza (Chun-Li) vs. Alex Valle (Ryu)
  • J.R. Rodriguez (Akuma) vs. Mike Ross (E. Honda)
  • Dr. Chaos (Ken) vs. Soon Young Yim
  • Justin Wong vs. Arubi “RB” Kao
  • Vance “Vangief” Wu (Zangief) vs. Banana Ken
  • Henry Cen vs. Rico Suave (Abel)
  • Ricky Ortiz (Rufus) vs. Ari “fLoE” Weintraub (Chun-Li, Rufus, Sagat)

Losers bracket:

  • John Choi (Ryu) vs. Sanford Kelly (Sagat, Cammy)
  • Big Marcus vs. Infiltration (Akuma, Juri)
  • Tokido (Akuma) vs. Hugo101 (M. Bison)
  • Juicebox Abel (Abel) vs. Wolfkrone (C. Viper)
  • Arturo “Sabin” Sanchez (Rose, Dhalsim) vs. WarahK (Guile)
  • Eita (Akuma) vs. GamerBee
  • L.I. Joe vs. FYC Ryder (Abel)
  • Tatsu (Vega) vs. Online Tony (Seth)

[Update day 3]

The top 8 players in Super Street Fighter IV will play tonight. In a surprising turn of events, Justin Wong, the US’s #1 player was eliminated in the semi-finals by an Adon player named Gamerbee. There was a massive amount of hype for this match as Gamerbee pulled off an unexpected upset. This year only two players that were in the Top 8 last year are present for 2010’s tournament. This should be very interesting!

Here are the brackets (provided by eventhubs):

Daigo Umehara (Ryu) vs. Mike Ross (E. Honda)
Vance “Vangief” Wu (Zangief) vs. EG.Ricky Ortiz (Rufus)

Henry Cen (E. Honda, Dhalsim) vs. GamerBee (Adon)
Infiltration (Akuma, Juri) vs. Shizza (Chun-Li)

Who will win the Super Street Fighter IV tournament this year?

[End of Tournament Update]

After an incredible set of Super Street Fighter IV matches, Daigo Umehara takes the victory. This would be his second win at EVO in a row for Street Fighter IV, proving that he is indeed ‘the beast’. It was truly an incredible match. That is, of course, until the stream died.  We’re not sure how Daigo even won!

Losers Bracket:

  • Infiltration (Akuma) eliminates Shizza (Chun-Li) – video
  • Gamerbee (Adon)  eliminates Henry Cen (E. Honda) – video

Winners Bracket:

  • Ricky Ortiz (Chun-Li) sends Vangief (Zangief) to the loser’s bracket – video
  • Daigo Umehara (Ryu) sends Mike Ross (E. Honda) to the loser’s bracket – video

Losers Bracket:

  • Infiltration (Akuma) eliminates Vangief (Zangief) – video
  • Mike Ross (E. Honda) eliminates Gamerbee (Adon) – video

Winners Bracket:

  • Daigo Umehara (Ryu) sends Ricky Ortiz (Rufus) to the loser’s bracket – video

Losers Bracket:

  • Infiltration (Akuma) eliminates Mike Ross (E. Honda) – video
  • Ricky Ortiz (Rufus) eliminates Infiltration (Akuma) – video

Grand Finals:

  • Daigo Umehara (Ryu) defeats Ricky Ortiz (Rufus) – video

Ricky Ortiz had to win two sets if he wanted to take the victory at EVO. The reason for that is because this tournament is double elimination. Daigo is still in the winner’s bracket at this point and if Ricky were to win the first set of matches everything would reset. Daigo on the other hand only needed to win three matches in the Grand Finals to completely eliminate Ricky from the tournament. Both competitors went at it back and forth and never showed any sign of giving up. Congratulations to Daigo on winning the SSFIV championship at EVO 2010.