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Fresh Fallout: New Vegas Screens

Submitted by on Friday, 9 July 20107 Comments

Interested in Fallout: New Vegas?  So are we, and we’ve got the newest screens for all to see.

Whether it’s the newest protagonist, the disgusting ghouls or the massive mutants you’re interested in, these new captures have something for everyone.

These new screens show us a few things.  First, if you take some of the lights and signs away this game looks very similar to Fallout 3.  It also shows that the VATS – aka Vault-tec Assisted Targetting System –  is returning and it also appears to be just like the one we had in Fallout 3.  Come to think of it, the Mutants look like the ones from Fallout 3 as well… and so do the Ghouls.

So, to recap:  It looks a lot like Fallout 3.  But hey, who says that’s a bad thing?

So there you have it.  What do you guys think?  Is it upsetting that this game looks so similar to its predecessor?  Or are you just happy we’re getting a new Fallout game?