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Cage frustrated as future Heavy Rain DLC gets put on indefinite hold

Submitted by on Thursday, 1 July 20106 Comments

The Chronicle Taxidermist DLC for Heavy Rain was  released back in April, it was set to be part of a series of prequels that delved back into the past of the various characters. These plans were put on hold so the team could work on PS Move and it’s unlikely that they’ll be made in the future due to time constraints.

This was revealed by David Cage, the game’s creator, who is clearly frustrated by the news. For him, the Chronicles were an important part of the story:

“Our approach was to make no compromise on the quality of the Chronicles and offer exactly the same quality than the original game. So the answer is yes. Chronicles as we saw them were ambitious and with high expectations. As explained, they are on hold to allow the team to work on Move and on new projects, and I doubt they will ever be produced.”

What makes it more frustrating for Cage is that the stories were already written and he clearly had high hopes for them; but Sony had wanted more “mature” games to use Move, so incorporating the new controller became the priority.

“My personal choice was to work on more Chronicles explaining the background of each character… The stories were very strong and would have been very surprising for all Heavy Rain fans. Sony wanted more AAA adult games to support the Move and they thought that Heavy Rain was the perfect fit.”

Quantic Dreams could still finish the Chronicles; it would mean postponing their next project for another year, but that’s not really a practical option.

Cage makes it clear that he would have preferred to finish the Heavy Rain story, but he is still proud of the work his team have done to get Move working on Heavy Rain.

“I understand Sony’s decision and it gave us the opportunity to explore new possibilities regarding controls. I am really proud of this Move edition and think it will surprise many gamers and show that Move can be used for things other than family entertainment. Now as a writer and director, would I have preferred to work on the three Chronicles I wrote? Guess.”

Motion control does seem a perfect fit for Heavy Rain and we can’t wait to  play through it again, but it’s still very disappointing to hear that exciting new content has been sidelined for the controller.

We would like to hear your thoughts. Would you prefer to have Heavy Rain with Move or would you rather have the Chronicles completed? Let us know below…

[Source: Eurogamer]