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Hulu Plus on PS3 requires PlayStation Plus?

Submitted by on Thursday, 1 July 2010No Comment

Understandably not everyone is too enthusiastic about the prospect of paying $10 a month for Hulu Plus just so they can watch content from their PS3 instead of a PC. Especially considering Netflix offers more content for less dollars.

Well the general enthusiasm – or lack of – for the service may take another knock after it appears that it will require you to also subscribe to PlayStation Plus!

Neither Sony nor Hulu has officially confirmed this, but if you look deeply into the HTML for the Devices page, you will find the following words:

Note: you must be a subscriber of the Playstation Plus Network.

Now firstly it’s just called PlayStation Plus, and secondly the text is purposely hidden from normal users. It’s likely that the fine details have not been agreed just yet between Sony and Hulu anyway, but the possibility of the service being tied to PlayStation Plus appears to be definitely on the cards.

We already know that Hulu Plus will require gold membership on Xbox Live, making this possibility even more likely.

However, although some of us have subscribed to PS Plus, we dislike the idea that it will be required to use Hulu. Especially because it could set a trend for future services that may come our way such as Additionally it would sum up the total cost for subscribing to Hulu at $170 a year!

Of course there is a plus side to this story. If Hulu and other services are offered with PlayStation Plus in the future, it would help to justify the subscription cost and make it even more value for money. And if PlayStation Plus didn’t exist at all, we may never get the chance to use any extra online services on our PS3s.