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Mafia II DLC Detailed – we speak to 2K

Submitted by on Monday, 19 July 20104 Comments

Mafia II has been a pretty hot topic these days.  Between the release date being revealed and the E3 announcement that PS3 owners would be getting exclusive content, we’ve had all the reason in the world to be excited about this awesome looking sequel.

Today, we bring you even more reasons for excitement in the form of the exclusive PlayStation content finally being detailed, as well as some more DLC that will be available post-launch.

As most of you readers out there know, we here at the Attitude Towers aren’t content to bring you rumors and hear-say that spread around the web like wildfires even without a solidified source.  So when we heard about this PS3 exclusive content finally being detailed, we decided to not rely on forum posts and other shoddy sources before touting this information as fact like so many other sites.

Now, we have the official down-low straight from 2K themselves and are ready to share.

The exclusive content that will be available for PS3 owners is titled, ‘The Betrayal of Jimmy’ and will be available at launch for all PlayStation 3 owners that purchase the game new.  Just look inside the box and you should find your voucher card that will grant you instant access.  For those of you who don’t pick up the game new, this content will also be available from the PlayStation Store for $9.99.

The Betrayal of Jimmy will feature dozens of new missions staring a mercenary named – you guessed it – Jimmy.  These missions will unlock progressively and 2K promises that they will keep you driving, shooting and rampaging throughout the city even after you’ve beaten the normal campaign.

This pack will also feature an arcade style scoring system that grants you points based on performance, power-slides and skill shots.  These points will then be posted on a leader board for easy comparison between you and the rest of the Mafia II community.

After launch, a DLC pack similarly titled ‘Jimmy’s Vendetta’ will also be released, although this pack will also be gracing other platforms.  It will include new missions, locales, trophies and leader board support.

An exact launch date and price have not been announced for the latter of these two packs, but we’ll be sure to bring you the information as it comes in.