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MAG’s Sabotage Game Type Goes Neutral

Submitted by on Monday, 26 July 201010 Comments

Zipper has been trying their hardest to continue giving players more reasons to keep coming back to MAG, and between new guns and armor as well as a new game-type, they’ve done a pretty good job.

Now, they’ve given us another reason to play what is literally the ‘biggest’ console shooter of all time.

Those of you that are regular MAG players know what the Sabotage game type is all about.  You’re either playing offense or defense and trying to attack/defend control points on the map.

Up until now, each faction has had its own Sabotage map that was reserved exclusively for them to defend.

Recently, Zipper announced that the Sabotage mode would be going 100% ‘neutral’ meaning that any faction can attack or defend any map.

This is actually bigger news than it seems because attacking and defending – even on the same map – is a very different experience.  If you’re one of the loyal soldiers that has stuck with the same P.M.C. for the entirety of your MAG career, this is basically like getting 3 new maps for free.

Say, for instance, you’re playing as Raven – you’ve never gotten the experience of attacking your own map, nor have you been able to defend Valor or SVER’s maps.

This new change went in to effect late last week and is a very good reason to sit back down and keep digging for that illusive level 60.

Anyone out there still playing MAG?  If so, does this new adjustment excite you, or would you rather have seen a pack of brand new maps?

[Source: PS Blog]