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Medal of Honor Limited Edition – Fresh Details and Trailer

Submitted by on Wednesday, 14 July 20104 Comments

We’ve known ever since E3 that Medal of Honor would be getting a limited edition for the PS3.  Now, DICE has released a trailer about this alternate version of the game, but it’s not quite what we expected.

If you payed close attention to our coverage of E3 and the Sony press conference, you’ll remember us telling you that Medal of Honor would be getting some PlayStation exclusive stuff in the form of an HD remake of the very popular, Medal of Honor: Frontlines.

Well when we first heard of this new trailer going around that showed some of the details of this limited edition, our ears perked up with excitement.

While the new trailer is pretty cool looking, it’s not exactly what we expected.

The video shows that the limited edition will grant you early access to the shotguns in the game as well as exclusive access to the MP7 sub-machine gun.  If you watch to the end of the video you’ll also see that this edition of the game doesn’t appear to be only coming to the PS3.

Since we can tell some of you PS3 die-hards are already grabbing your pitchforks and mapping the directions to your nearest EA office, we find it important to point out that the PS3 case does have an extra little piece of art that says something about Frontlines, and it doesn’t appear that the other two cases do.

It would seem DICE has decided to launch a limited edition for all platforms, but our preferred console still gets the exclusive extra game.

Assuming the shotguns and MP7 are the only extra things you receive, it kind of seems like this content would be better suited as a preorder bonus.

What do you guys think?