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MotorStorm Apocalypse gameplay details

Submitted by on Thursday, 22 July 20105 Comments

Members of the MotorStorm development team today took part in a live chat over at the EU PlayStation Blog. Gathering to give the lowdown on the next iteration of the chaotic off-road racer was Matt Southern (Game Director), Paul Rustchynsky (Lead Designer) and Phenom_Evolution (Community Manager). Here is what they had to share…

First up, Paul Rustchynsky discussed the team’s decision to implement 3D technology into MotorStorm Apocalypse:

“We’ve always had 3D in mind for MotorStorm Apocalypse ever since we first implemented 3D into MotorStorm Pacific Rift. Where we realised just how impressive and immersive an effective it was. It really does give you a much greater impression of depth, which in a racing game is really useful to judge speed and cornering.”

Matt Southern backed up Rustchynsky comments by saying that the MotorStorm R & D team had been working on 3D for about five years, also saying that they did the same at British Aerospace before joining Evolution Studios. It’s clear 3D has been on the agenda for some time now.

Still on the subject of 3D, Southern was asked how open Sony’s Worldwide Studios are with regards to tech like 3D. Southern’s answer shows them to be very open: “We constantly  talk to Guerilla, London, Cambridge, Naughty Dog etc. We hold internal conferences to share ideas, tools and tech and use online tools to keep in touch.” Naughty Dog eh? Uncharted 3D would be interesting. We can but dream.

Aside from 3D, there have been improvements to the online experience. Phenom_Evolution says the new custom mode creator and vehicle customisation will “allow you to create and share your hard work and cool ideas with other members of the community,” making for a better community experience. The customisation tools sound easy to use and Rustchynsky expects the community to surprise and embarrass him with their creations.

There will be five new vehicle classes to add to the eight classes in Pacific Rift, they are: superbike, chopper, hot hatch, supercar, muscle car. Rustchynsky says the last one is the most technical and fun to drive.

Each class has its advantages and disadvantages, so each one is equally competitive as long as you know how to play to their strengths. Our experiences with MotorStorm and other games like this tell us that every player quickly finds their vehicle of choice.

Evolution are working hard to make sure the balance is perfect for the game. They have 40 plus tracks, over 30 surface types and perks to take into consideration. The perks are split into three categories: boost perks, handling perks and combat perks. Evolution have been doing a lot of testing to make sure the get the balance just right.

One great piece of news is that the game will support custom soundtracks, which can be created through the XMB menu. So if the music is bad, then it’s your own fault for having bad taste.

MotorStorm Apocalypse sounds as though it’s shaping up just nicely. It’s entering a fierce market for racers, but we think MotorStorm – with its chaotic gameplay – will have enough to stand out from the crowd.