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PlayTV to be 3D enabled, plus 3D photos and YouTube

Submitted by on Friday, 9 July 20105 Comments

PlayTV, everyone’s favourite digital TV receiver, is set to support 3D TV broadcasts later this year Sony has confirmed.

Sony is leading the 3D charge with 3D games already supported on the PS3, with firmware updates in the future to support 3D video from Blu-ray and content stored on the hard drive, plus 3D pictures and even 3D YouTube playback.

Is there anything that won’t be 3D supported?

Sony isn’t clear on whether the current models of PlayTV will support 3D with a first patch, or instead consumers will need to purchase brand new devices – we’re hoping for the former!

But what is clear is that if you want access to a full 3D experience, you’ll need a PlayStation 3!

Is Sony getting too carried away, and are they putting all their eggs in one basket? Please share your thoughts with us in the box below.