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PS3 Attitude’s Search Win and Gloat competition – There can only be one…winner

Submitted by on Monday, 5 July 20102 Comments

Last week we launched PS3 Attitude’s second annual Seach Win and Gloat competition. We had you search our E3 2010 articles for keywords that would lead you to instructions on how you can win our fabulous Swag bag filled with goodies we managed to gather at the convention.

Here’s how it all went down…

There were three keywords hidden within three E3 articles written by myself, Majiesto. The first keyword was contained within our live coverage of Sony’s Press Conference. Looking at the end of the first paragraph revealed the world ‘charitable.’

The second keyword was hidden in our preview of Killzone 3 in 3D. What’s that you say? You already looked through the article? Well, it was embedded in the second image, the one with the jetpack equipped Helghast staring you down. Hover you mouse pointer over the image for a second reveals the second keyword, ‘3Dcontest.’

The final keyword was located in our Vanquish preview. This one was a little bit tricker than the other two. At the end of the article you’ll find the (E3) signifier but it’s in bold. If you look closely enough, there are key letters in the article that are bold as well. Combining all those letters spelled out the final keyword, ‘swagtastic.’

Combining all those words in the correct order led you to the link and the final instructions on how to enter.

Admittedly, we might have made the contest a little too difficult. Then again, we’re giving away an entire bag filled with awesome video game goodies from E3 and gave you an entire week to work it out. Now, let’s reveal the lucky winner who will walk away with this swagtastic prize. Drum roll please…

The winner of the 2010 E3 Search Win and Gloat competition is @Milereb. She was randomly selected from all qualifying entries using Congratulations to her and to everyone else that entered! It is also interesting to mention that she managed to solve the puzzle in an amazing 15 minutes!

Don’t worry if you didn’t win this time around. We have plenty of more contests planned for the future so be on a look out for those. Oh, and don’t forget about the special announcement we have once we reach 3,000 followers on Twitter. You definitely won’t want to miss out on that!