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[UPDATE]New PS3 Slim Models Coming Soon… to Japan

Submitted by on Tuesday, 6 July 20107 Comments

We can never have enough options, can we?  It seems these days that just when you think you’ve got it made with your console and gaming set-up, something new comes along.  Well, Sony is about to continue that trend by offering a few new PS3 Slim models.

It feels like it was just yesterday that the sexy new PlayStation 3 Slim console hit the market.  Sporting a very attractive 120GB hard drive, the new consoles were selling like hot cakes.  It wasn’t long before Sony tried to entice even more people by launching the same model console with a 250GB hard drive.

Now here we are, not even a year later and there are three new Slim models getting ready to hit the market.  It appears Sony is trying to do away with the 120GB and 250GB models by replacing them with 160GB and 320GB versions.  Think of the all mandatory game installs you could fit on those bad boys.

For those gamers that are looking for something truly unique, Sony is also offering a white version of the 160GB model.  Perhaps the best part of all is that we won’t have to wait long, as these consoles will be hitting the market on July 29.

White is nice

You’re salivating aren’t you?  Well grab a napkin because there’s a catch.  These new systems are currently only planned for Japan.

Geez, what’s up with Sony only launching stuff in Japan?  You’d think it was their home territory or something.  Anyway, we’ll keep you updated should these consoles make their way state-side or invade Europe, but for now you’re going to have to go through the import process to get your hands on one.

Currently, the projected price for these new units are  ¥29,980 – just over $340 – for both colors of the 160GB model, while the 320GB version will set you back ¥34,980 – just under $400.

We’ll end this by asking you readers out there:  If any of these new slims came to your home country, would you buy one?

[Source: Andriasang]

Updated: July 6, 2010

We've just learned that an SCEE spokesperson has made a statement about these new consoles and their availability: "We will consider every possibility based on the market demands, but have nothing to announce at this point in time."