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Red Dead Redemption: 14 million hours of play and 1.8 million horses stolen

Submitted by on Monday, 5 July 2010One Comment

Rockstar and GameSpy have teamed up to bring us a slew of stats gathered from the recently released Read Dead Redemption. While the stats don’t have any real significant value, who wouldn’t want to know that 7,771,916 bears have been killed or that 300,000 miles have been traveled by train?

The only downside the infographic has is that it only covers the first two weeks since the game’s release. By now, all the stats have dramatically changed. Still, it’s interesting to see what people have been spending their time doing (or not doing).

A personal favorite of ours is the fact that the average New Austin resident drinks 8.6 liters of alcohol annually, which is slightly more than the annual consumption of the average American and slightly less than the average Russian. Man, those Russians can really hold their liquor.

One stat we would like to know however, is how many horses have accidentally been shot in the back of the head while riding them? We imagine that number would be fairly large.