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Street Fighter X Tekken Debut Trailer and Screenshots Galore

Submitted by on Saturday, 24 July 20104 Comments

Prepare yourself for epicness. Capcom has just released over 20 screenshots and the debut trailer for the upcoming fighting game crossover, complete with a gameplay clip.

Not much has been revealed aside from what we already knew. Characters from Street Fighter and Tekken will be facing off in 1-on-1 and 2-on-2 tag battles. This means that we’ll be able to have Law and Fei Long as a team and the world will explode with Bruce Lee awesomeness. Check out all the screenshots below and don’t forget to watch the trailer above. It’s absolutely sick! Sadly, no actual gameplay footage was shown in the video. The screens do provide in-game footage though.

1up uploaded an amazing gameplay clip. This has to be the craziest most awesome form of fan service ever. The gameplay is powered by the Street Fighter IV engine with 3D character models on a 2D playing field. It looks like Kazuya can dash through fireballs and Ryu can roll.

Tag Team super moves from both sides were shown.  First Chun-Li jumps in and starts kicking Kazuya to death with the Hosenka Ultra Combo into a Spinning Bird Kick. While Kazuya is dazed and confused, Ryu is charging his Metsu Hadouken and unleashes it. Kazuya manages to get his revenge though. He tags in Nina and she starts comboing Ryu and grabs him. We then see Kazuya charging up for the Lightning Screw Uppercut as Ryu squirms around helplessly. Fist meets face and Ryu goes flying.