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Tech demo shows PlayStation Move’s great potential

Submitted by on Monday, 26 July 20102 Comments

Do you want to know what PlayStation Move is capable of? Of course you do. Well, thanks to a new video – featuring Dr. Richard Marks, one of the creative minds behind the controller – you can see for yourself just what the little device can do.

The answer is a lot.

The video can be found on It shows Dr. Marks taking the controller through its paces. The demonstration is not meant to be flashy; it’s purpose is to show the controller’s capabilities. It won’t be too dissimilar to what Sony’s R & D team show developers. It may have few frills but the demonstration is exciting nonetheless. It shows how PlayStation Move can offer a lag-free performance, capable of true 1:1 tacking, but more importantly, it is extremely versatile.

Dr. Marks is the manager of Special Projects for Sony Computer Entertainment US R&D. As well as his work on PlayStation Move, he was one of the key figures behind the EyeToy. Many of the ideas shown by him in the video have already been replicated by developers for upcoming games. Think of the sword fighting in ‘gladiator duel’, from Sports Champion, or the way Dr. Marks mixes motion control and augmented reality (by using the PlayStation Eye to project him onto the screen), this is an idea that Move Party is built around.

A similar presentation was also shown at a recent event, covered by Check out their video below…

PlayStation Move is for a September release. It’s rich in potential; so if the games featuring it turn out to be drivel then it will be the developers who are to blame. Here’s hoping some RTS developers are watching.