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WipEout Museum opens in PlayStation Home

Submitted by on Saturday, 10 July 20103 Comments

PlayStation Home has just received its most interesting space yet: the WipEout Museum. The space, made to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the game’s release, is a place for visitors to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the iconic space racers’ rich history. According to Sony, “the WipEout Museum blasts away from the perception of a dusty old museum exhibit with a stunningly high-tech offering.”

There is lots for you to do: you can play on the WipEout 2D arcade cabinets or try out the brand new WipEout Shooter mini-game; you can even win PlayStation Home merchandise by taking part in the Team Logo Hunt. There will also be opportunities for you to buy PlayStation Home related furniture, clothing and ornaments for your avatar and apartment.

If you want something less involving you can look at the posters, team information holograms and screens, but the main focus of interest is of course the anti-gravity racers themselves, and some of them are on display for you to view. Throughout the space you will find various WipEout themed seating areas for you to sit down in and soak up the atmosphere, a DJ space where you can select some background music, and a viewing deck that offers a stunning view of the city vista and racetrack.

The game was originally released on the PSOne back in 1995; it was developed by Psygnosis who are now known as SCE Studio Liverpool. It was meant to be a culture driven experience that ushered in a new era of futuristic games. It had a techno-style soundtrack featuring tracks from popular artists of the time from Orbital to The Chemical Brothers. You could even find WipEout cabinets in nightclubs at the time. The game is still going strong today and WipEout HD on the PSN is very good.

The museum is an excellent addition to PlayStation Home, and we highly recommend that you visit it. We’d also like to see more spaces like this. Let us know the games you’d like to see immortalised with their own PlayStation Home museum space by writing in the comments section below…