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Crysis 2 limited edition detailed; new trailer

Submitted by on Friday, 27 August 20106 Comments

If you are one of the many that are planning on picking up Crysis 2 when it lands in March, you may want to check out this new limited edition trailer released by Crytek.

Unlike so many other limited edition games these days, this one seems to have some beef to it.  Very unique things that are actually usable in the game, instead of a useless trinket to collect dust in your closet or living area.

The first thing offered is day 1 access to 5 different pre-set classes, titled: Assault, Scout, Sniper, Demolitions and Defence.  Yes, we know ‘Defence’ is spelled wrong but that’s how it appears in the video so we’re assuming it was done on purpose.  Each class includes a primary weapon, a side-arm and a few extra abilities that weren’t explained in great detail.

The next thing included is digital camouflage for the SCAR assault rifle, as a well as attachment for the SCAR called the ‘Hologram Decoy’.  The camo is self-explanatory but the decoy attachment is a little different.  It really is a device that’s attached to your gun that looks kind of like a flashlight.   Instead of a single beam of light, it emits a fake version of yourself running out in to the open – or wherever you happen to be shining it.

The last thing included in this pack is a platinum dog tag.  With this, you’re supposedly able to display your rank and stats.  It doesn’t elaborate much on how that works so we’ll have to wait and see if Crytek gives us more details.

With that, we’ll turn it over to you guys and gals.  What do you think of the pack?  Is it worth $0 dollars?  Because that’s how much extra it’s going to cost.

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