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Crysis 2 pushed back to 2011

Submitted by on Wednesday, 4 August 20102 Comments

Much to the surprise of us here at the Attitude Towers, Crysis 2’s release has been pushed back.

According to EA’s recent financial report, it’s going to be delayed back to Q4 FY2011.  This comes as quite a shock since it wasn’t long ago that the game’s release date was actually pushed forward.

While we can only speculate why this happened, we have to guess that it had something to do with a busy line-up of shooters late this year.  Although, if that was the case, there’s still plenty of shooters for it to compete with around its new release date as well.

Between the release being pushed up and the multiplayer component being ready to be shown at Gamescom, we’re not ready to trust it’s simply because the title isn’t ready.  We’re guessing they’re shooting for a more favorable launch window.

This might stink for anyone that was planning on picking it up, but look at it this way: if the game was really ready to hit shelves late this year, think of all the extra content and polish that it’s likely to have with another 6 months in the oven.

Hopefully our attempted consolation does something for you.  If not, feel free to vent about it in the comments.