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David Kaye: ‘we’re working on more Ratchet & Clank currently’

Submitted by on Monday, 9 August 20105 Comments

David Kaye, the voice of Clank, has revealed that he is currently working on new Ratchet & Clank content.

It follows on from last week’s story, that Insomniac Games, were on the verge of unveiling a new game; could Ratchet & Clank be that game?

It must be stressed that Kaye does not say what this new Ratchet & Clank content will be, for all we know, it could be DLC or a new PSP title.

In an exclusive interview with ShogunGames, Kaye broke the news:

“Don’t know about Nate.  There are some interesting developments always coming from Insomniac games.  We’re working on more R & C currently.”

“Nate” is a reference to Nathan Hale from the Resistance franchise, who Kaye also voices. Resistance had seemed the most likely game for Insomniac to release, but as Kaye says, he doesn’t know anything about Nate. However, that doesn’t necessarily rule out Resistance 3.

We will be happy to have a sequel to either game; they’re both very popular PS3 exclusives. We won’t have to wait long for an official announcement, as Insomniac plan to unveil their mystery “PlayStation project” before the end of the month. The game will definitely be on show on September 4th, at PAX 2010.

It’s exciting to hear that Ratchet & Clank content, in some form, is on the way. Kaye seems equally delighted to be working on it, it’s clearly a franchise he loves:

“I love the people involved.  It’s ALWAYS a blast going in to work on this series.  I don’t, as a rule, do a lot of VG’s based on the fact that I just don’t have large blocks of time during the day to do them.  It also depends on the individual project and especially the people involved.  The R & C stuff is written so well, and it’s always such a great atmosphere that I guess it comes through in the performance.  They make it easy and fun so that translates into the work I think.”

What do you guys think the new Ratchet & Clank content will be? Will it be a proper sequel or simply some DLC? Maybe even a PSP game? Let us know below…

[source: ShogunGamer]