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Deals of the Week – 13th August 2010

Submitted by on Friday, 13 August 2010One Comment

After a week of absence, we’re back with another dose of Deals of the Week.

That’s right if you’re desperate to part your money for some awesome games, we got several to grab your attention.

The format is simple. We feature two deals for the United States, and two deals for the United Kingdom. Then we throw in any other great deals that shouldn’t be ingored at the bottom.

And as always, we would love to hear any other deals that you find, and then we’ll add them to the article.

United Kingdom

Burnout: Paradise – The Ultimate Box – £14.99 (or 2 for £25)

Burnout: Paradise is one of our favourite PS3 games. Compared to the rest of the fantastic series the game is poles apart as it’s set in an open world with a resemblance to Miami and Hollywood, but it still has the character and addictiveness that we’re used to and love.

It was released way back in 2008, but it still remains a title that we still play because it is simply so fun. We love the feeling of a sense of purpose when we takedown our opponents in races or go exploring the whole city at high speeds.

Since the game first came out, Criterion Games has continued to improve the game and have added features such as Bikes and weather effects. Their support for the game proves that you will feel you’re in good hands when playing this game.

Since the initial release, we have also seen it re-released in ‘The Ultimate Box’. This includes all the free updates preinstalled with the inclusion of 2-8 player offline party mode which is a decent addition to an already almost complete game.

But if you buy the game and you still want more there is plenty of additional content to purchase such as the Big Surf Island or a cop cars pack, toy cars pack, or a special legendary cars pack.

So to summarise, you can’t get bored with Burnout: Paradise which is why we highly recommend purchasing it now!

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But hang in there because there’s more!

Burnout Paradise can also be bought as part of a 2 for £25 deal. By buying it along with any one of these games it will cost you only £12.50: Dragon Age: Origins, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – Game of the Year Edition, Bayonetta, Need for Speed: Shift, Dead Space, and more.

And if you do choose any of these games by clicking through our links you’ll also be helping our charity fund. Hurrah!

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – £23.93

EA’s answer to Modern Warfare 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is one of the best first person shooters so far this year.

The game was released back in March and was of course well received despite the heavy competition that surrounds the first-person shooter genre. So what makes this one so special?

In the single-player campaign, you are reunited with the familiar characters from the first game, but if you did not play the first game you have nothing to fear because it’s an excellent game on its own. The campaign won’t win any awards on story or plot – as with almost any other FPS – but it absolutely excels in providing gripping rapid action on screen.

Battlefield 2’s cinematics are astounding, with immense environments that should better almost anything that Modern Warfare 2 tries to throw at it.

Another great thing about this title is that a lot of time you can give your feet a rest and instead massacre the enemy from a tank or truck, varying the pace of the title nicely.

The multiplayer element is also key here. It may not be anything too special, but it does establish a fun and addictive experience, even for those of you who spend all your time on Call of Duty.

In summary, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is one of the supreme games of 2010 so far, which is why we couldn’t avoid recommending it to you.

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United States

Ghostbusters: The Video Game – $18.57

As you all know, Ghostbusters is a classic film that will hold a medal for one of the greatest films of all time – the second film not so much.

So when we finally got a Ghostbusters game on the PlayStation 3, we all had high hopes for it. Thankfully our expectations are greatly met.

It has all the key actors from the films voice acting including Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd which proves that it is not a simple film cash-in. There is a great attention to detail too with things to spot that will be instantly recognisable to veteran fans of the films.

The graphics in most cases are top notch but there are some exceptions to this rule in a few of the cut scenes that insist on using the game’s mechanics instead of CGI.

The gameplay is also very good and super fun with a collection of weapons and upgrades that try to keep the game fresh.

The addition of multiplayer is also good to see and we have to say that it’s almost as good as the main game rather than an easily added feature that is simply there to boast about on the back of the game case.

So in all, this game is a must buy for any fan of the films. But we think that even if you have never watched Ghostbusters before you can still appreciate the game in its own right.

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All sales made through PS3 Attitude help our charity fund.

Grand Theft Auto IV: $27.99

We don’t need to tell you that Grand Theft Auto is one of the biggest game franchises of all time, making this title highly anticipated in 2008. Fast forward two years and it is still one of our favourite games on the PS3.

GTA IV is set in New York lookalike Liberty City where you play as Niko Belic, an illegal Russian immigrant who seeks to live the great American dream. But pretty soon he finds out that after being welcomed to the city by his cousin, achieving his ambition will be a lot harder than he had ever imagined. Very quickly Niko is sucked into a life of crime and establishes many enemies along the way.

With nearly 100 missions, as well as several sub-missions, this title has many hours of enjoyment packed in, and that’s even before you jump into the multiplayer modes.

A few months ago in our retro review we called Grand Theft Auto IV a “classic”, and it really lives up to the expectation of the game and reputation of the series.

Thanks to the two downloadable episodes The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, there is even more potential content to have fun with thanks to the PlayStation Store. Alternatively you can purchase the episodes on one disc. Furthermore if you already own Episodes from Liberty City, why not complete the package and buy this!

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All sales made through PS3 Attitude help our charity fund.

Other Great Deals

United Kingdom

United States

All our PS3 Deals of the Week are correct at the time of publishing – the vendors listed may change these at any time.