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Deals of the Week – 20th August 2010

Submitted by on Friday, 20 August 2010No Comment

We’re back with everyone’s favourite money saving article on the whole of the Internet.

As you know by now, every week we find awesome deals that could see you buying top games for low prices.

In the interest of balance, we feature two deals for the United Kingdom, and two for the United States. Plus any other deals that we find go at the bottom of the article.

And of course if you find any of your own deals, all you need to do is leave a comment and we will add them to the list.

United Kingdom

Final Fantasy XIII – £19.99

Without doubt the Final Fantasy series is amongst gaming’s greatest franchises, and this year the PlayStation 3 at last got its first taste of the Final Fantasy experience.

As one of 2010′s biggest titles, Final Fantasy XIII is a game fans have been waiting a very long time to enjoy. But as many of you know, each title in the series is very unique meaning that newcomers need not to worry about playing every other of the games before hand.

The title is an RPG at heart which may ring bells as hardcore, but it’s also designed to appeal to casual gamers, even those that may have never picked up a role-playing game in their life, let alone one from Japan. In our review we said that “Anyone can jump into Final Fantasy XIII and appreciate what it has to offer”, which couldn’t be any more true.

It’s hard to argue with the fact that Square Enix have developed a game to appeal to the masses but still designed to cater to the series’ strong following. The story telling and character development provides much depth which helps live up to the franchise’s legacy. It’s an exceptional title, and although some diehard fans of the series may feel that Square is becoming too generic with their approach, it deserves a spot on most gamers’ shelves.

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Metal Gear Solid 4 – £12.95

The Metal Gear Solid franchise is one of the most iconic game series over the last two decades. So MGS4 was highly anticipated when it released on the PS3 in 2008, and remains today one of the best exclusives on the platform. Thankfully the game lived up to the big expectations by fans and was the perfect end to Solid Snake’s long journey.

Since release the game has sold over a massive five million copies, making it one of the most popular titles on the PlayStation 3.

Metal Gear Solid 4 is set in 2014, where you take the role of Snake, who has spent many of his years trying to destroy his nemesis Liquid Ocelot. Now in old age, this is his last chance to achieve his goal, but with the help of favourites from previous games including Raiden, Otacon, and more.

MGS4 combines stealth and combat to generate a superb title that is set in stone as one of the biggest and best games of all time.

Not only has Kojima produced a title with a classic single player campaign, the multiplayer mode is also a bit of fun too and has regularly been updated since release, introducing new add-ons to keep players happy.

For under £13, this is a must have title for an unbelievable price. So please don’t ignore it and buy it now!

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All sales made through PS3 Attitude help our charity fund.

United States

Bioshock – $15.54

With the announcement of Bioshock Infinite, we couldn’t help but start looking for the game that started it all for this week’s deals. Wouldn’t you know it – we found it and for extremely cheap.

Bioshock’s arrival to the PlayStation 3 came a little later than some gamers would’ve liked, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is still one amazing game. Originally out in 2007, Bioshock was commended by many for being one of the greatest games of the year and one of the best new IP’s this generation had seen at the time.

We’re coming up on 3 years since its initial introduction to retail but it still stands up with some of the best, most atmospheric titles we’ve seen to date. It successfully created a world that was so torn apart but yet so alive. A lot of times while playing we weren’t sure if we should’ve been afraid of what was around the next corner, or excited.

We can’t speak for the rest of the gaming world but even years after launch, we won’t be forgetting our first trip to Rapture any time soon, so this is a title that must be on your game shelf!

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All sales made through PS3 Attitude help our charity fund.

Madden NFL 10 – $28.99

The Madden NFL Football series, like many other sports series, sees the release of a new game every year. Most gamers out there – with maybe the exception of the hardcore football crowd – will tell you that the games are largely unchanged from year to year. If you’re one of those gamers that share that same opinion but still like a yearly dose of American football, why not go for the previous edition?

Madden NFL 10 was pretty well received by the masses and despite its age, there’s still a very solid game of football to be found here. Sure the game probably won’t contain as much shine as its successor but if you still want a respectable football game and aren’t concerned with having the absolute latest and greatest, this might be your answer.

Thanks to Madden’s robust roster modification tools, you could probably even update the rosters to closely represent all the moves that were made in the off-season. It’s doubtful you’ll be able to replicate every single transaction, but you should at least be able to cover all the major ones, and probably get at least your team up to date with little effort.

So forget about Madden NFL 11, as this is the title that you should be buying given it’s available for under $30!

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All sales made through PS3 Attitude help our charity fund.

Other Great Deals

United Kingdom

United States

All our PS3 Deals of the Week are correct at the time of publishing – the vendors listed may change these at any time.