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F1 2010 – ‘be the driver, live the life’ developer diary

Submitted by on Monday, 2 August 20105 Comments

Being an F1 driver requires more than good driving skills. They have to deal with rival drivers, team members, the press and demanding fans. You could even say that they’re constantly at war with these outside forces. With F1 2010, Codemasters want you to experience what it is like to live the life of an F1 driver.

To showcase F1 2010’s immersive career mode, Codemasters have released a developer diary video which shows exactly how you will be expected to interact with those around you, from team mates to the media. You will take part in press conferences after races and have impromptu interviews with opportunistic journalists, and the answers you give will affect how your career will play out.

You can criticise your car’s poor performance in the hope that it will spur your team on to improving it, but this may not be a wise decision because the criticism could go down like a lead balloon. If you’re winning you should be fine but if you aren’t living up the expectations of your team your team mates and the media will not be very forgiving.

Codemasters have recreated the garage and paddock areas with fully motion captured pit crews, race engineers and even pit girls walking around. These are dynamic areas where you’ll find yourself getting more attention with the more races you win.

Anthony Davidson, a former F1 driver, has been brought on board to be the Technical Consultant on F1 2010. He’s there to make sure everything is true to life, so that drivers playing the game will feel as though they are genuinely living the life of an F1 driver. He explains the intensity and pressures of that life:

“The expectations for the driver playing the game are the same as in real life given your machinery. At the end of the day, the teammate that you have is the only direct competition you’ll have through the whole season. There’s a strange balance of having to work together but also this desperate competition. Where it gets a little bit personal is events like qualifying and the race where you’re just out there to beat him, no matter what.”

F1 2010 is being developed at Codemasters Studios Birmingham. It is running on their much trumpeted EGO engine which has powered the likes of Colin McRae: DiRT 2 and Race Driver: GRID to great effect. It will be hitting stores this September on PS3, Xbox 360 and on PC.

Don’t forget to check out the developer diary at the top of the page.