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Final Fantasy XIV dev diaries: characters and creatures revealed

Submitted by on Wednesday, 11 August 20106 Comments

Two developer diaries for Final Fantasy XIV can be found over at GamesTrailers. One video has the game’s motion designer, Shinya Ichida, take us through the different creature designs and the other has Character Designer, Keiichi Baba, show the different playable characters on offer.

Plays will have five races to play as in Final Fantasy XIV upon its release. The races are based on their Final Fantasy XI counterparts but significant changes have been made to their settings. Each race is divided into two classes (plain-dwelling midlanders and physically strong highlanders) and each character can be heavily customised to your liking. Keiichi Baba takes you through the customisation options in the video below:

The next video focuses on the creatures you’ll find across the world of Hydaelyn. It wouldn’t be a proper Final Fantasy if it didn’t have massive monsters and flying dragons, and thankfully Final Fantasy XIV doesn’t disappoint. Check out the video below. You’ll be glad to know that all the old favourites have returned, although, we’re dreading the fights with the Malboros, their bad breath has never went down too well with us.

Final Fantasy XIV will be arriving on PS3 early 2011.