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GC10; Crysis 2 multiplayer footage

Submitted by on Thursday, 19 August 2010One Comment

More news and info keeps pouring in from Gamescom, this time in the form of a live stage demo of the Crysis 2 multiplayer mode.

The video itself will tell you more than we possible could but there are some very cool things to take note of here.  The first and perhaps most obvious is the amount of shine the game already seems to have.  For a title that’s still 6+ months from hitting retail, it sure seems to be running smoothly.

Next, we thought it was very cool that you’ll be able to use the extra strength and abilities your nano-suit gives you in multiplayer as well.  Like the skill to jump up to a far ledge, or even more impressive, the capability to bring down a raining foot of death on your opponents, should you get a high-drop on them.

The most interesting thing about this video is the personnel involved.  The Crytek employee that sets the scene for the demo stated that it was Marines vs. the Cell Operatives, which makes us wonder if each team has specific abilities and how the developers plan to keep the games balanced.

We’ll be sure to bring you more info as we get it, so make sure you’ve got us bookmarked.

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