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GC10; new FIFA 11 trailer has tons of personality

Submitted by on Tuesday, 17 August 2010No Comment

Here’s another Gamescom 2010 trailer for you, this time it’s for FIFA 11. The trailer is your typical sporting montage fare: you get to see in-game versions of all the biggest players in world football, including Kaka and Iniesta, make cameo appearances, showing off their incredible skills. There’s also something else about this trailer which is hard to pin down, something more personal…

You’ll see the word “personalty” appear frequently; it’s referring to Personality+, a new feature in FIFA 11 which EA are really playing up. It’s basically a fancy way of saying, players will now behave in a manner which actually reflects their ability. Previous FIFA games have seen even the lowest of players be capable of wonder passes. As long as this works in the way it’s meant to, it’ll massively improve the FIFA experience. Personality+ will affect how players perform on and off the ball.

The passing system has also been overhauled. No longer can you pass amongst your team blindfolded, as if the ball’s running on a zip wire. Poor D-Pad control on your part will lead to passes going astray. This links in with personality+ as players with poor passing stats will be harder to pass with.

FIFA 11 will also introduce Be a goalkeeper, signifying an end to an era that’s seen the goalie take up the mantle as the most unloved person in gaming. To boost the profile of the role, EA have enlisted Chelsea FC and Czech Republic goalkeeper Petr Čech to be its  spokesperson; he will be featured in advertising, marketing and promotional campaigns.

“Be A Goalkeeper features three levels of accessibility with varying degrees of AI assistance—assisted, semi-assisted and fully manual. Fans will be able to compete as the goalie in Career Mode and enjoy a 15-year career or create themselves as the goalie in Virtual Pro 2.0 to learn the position, track stats, complete achievements and test themselves against the best players in the virtual world.”

With this addition we can have proper 11 vs 11 Be A Pro matches for the first time ever. As if they wasn’t chaotic enough….