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Joe Danger demo on the way, new features to be released shortly after

Submitted by on Tuesday, 17 August 2010No Comment

Expect a Joe Danger demo in today’s PlayStation Store update. Europe will have to wait until next week. That’s not all though, new features are coming soon.

Gamers have been waiting for a demo of Joe Danger since its release. A trial version has been announced and North America is getting it today. The rest of the world will have to wait until August 25th.

Why is it coming out a week later in Europe? Managing Director, Sean Muray fills us in on the delay.

The Demo comes out a week later in Europe. Dave, who is one quarter of Hello Games, translated the new German text for the Trial himself. Unfortunately it turns out he didn’t know nearly as many words as we had all hoped, as Sony testing found. ‘Buy Now’ had become something really quite offensive, for instance, luckily that’s all sorted now.

Oh, but there’s more. Also announced was “The People’s Patch”. This patch promises to answer every bit of feedback received on the game so far. These are obviously developers that care and deserve your support. There is no exact release date on the patch.

We’re calling it ‘The People’s Patch’, because it answers pretty much every piece of feedback we’ve had from the community. Even the ones that contradicted each other. In fact, we keep delaying it just to cram one more thing in, and some are huge too. If you think you’ve completed the game… well, you haven’t. For fans, it’s something to get really excited about.

Excited? You should be. Joe Danger has been critically acclaimed by reviewers and gamers alike. In fact, Joe Danger was the 12th highest rated PSN title in North America. This is a must have game and hopefully the demo will bring about even more sales.