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Little Big Planet 2 ‘adventure’ trailer revealed

Submitted by on Monday, 9 August 20102 Comments

Just last week we brought you an entire host of screenshots for the very highly anticipated, Little Big Planet 2.

Today we bring you the newest trailer released for Media Molecule’s upcoming sequel, and boy is it a doozy.

None of the trailers we’ve ever gotten for Little Big Planet 2 – or its predecessor – have ever failed to impress but this one really has us buzzing.  It shows all kinds of unique characters, tools, gadgets and miscellaneous stuff that are at your disposal.

We’d love to explain to all of you just exactly what they are and how they seems to work, but quite frankly our words just can’t do justice to the video itself, so scroll back to the top of the page and have a look.

We will tell you the one item that we’re particularly impressed with is the power glove – no we’re not talking about the useless Nintendo accessory.  It looks as though this new addition will grant you the ability to pick up and throw any movable object on the map.

Our only question is whether or not it will also allow you to throw fellow players.  If so, then Neximus best be watching his back, because as soon as I find I nice tall ledge to toss him off, I plan on taking advantage of it.

Inner-office shenanigans aside, our excitement level for Little Big Planet 2 is higher than ever.

Don’t forget that Media Molecule is planning on including Move support for Little Big Planet 2.  Be sure to check out our pricing research for Move here.

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