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New Mafia II trailer kicks you in the head

Submitted by on Monday, 2 August 20103 Comments

Fresh off the heels of our announcement that Mafia II would be getting a demo this month, we’ve got another trailer for you to slobber over.

This one might just be the most stylish yet.

As well as the demo that’s coming soon, we’ve given you all kinds of info Mafia II including the release date, PS3-exclusive DLC and even an article that involved Playboy.  In case you couldn’t tell, we’re trying pretty hard to get you as excited about this game as we are.  Below is our latest attempt.

While this is obviously a staged trailer that doesn’t appear to show us any real gameplay, what it does show us is 2K’s desire to market this game with constant videos and updates.  Based on what we’ve seen in the past few years, publishers don’t usually do that unless they’re feeling confident their game is going to do well.

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re confident too.  Check out the new vid and let us know what you think.  Also, try to avoid being kicked in the head.