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GC10; Major PlayTV features announced

Submitted by on Friday, 20 August 20105 Comments

At Sony’s gamescom conference the company announced some new features planned for PlayTV, the digital TV tuner available in many countries in the PAL territory.

PlayStation Network manager James Thorpe has today detailed the new features that were announced.

The main feature due for the box was Chat TV. This feature enables you to chat with people on your PSN friends list while watching TV, meaning you don’t have to pull up the XMB menu and spoil your TV experience. Thorpe says this is perfect for sports events such as football, although it is unclear whether this feature is available exclusively between friends who are watching the same programme.

We have been assured this is a genuine conversation

The second new feature is a premium programme guide provided by tvtv that is designed to offer a more diverse experience when planning your weeks TV schedule. While UK users will also gain a much asked for feature called SeriesLink which means it will be almost impossible to miss any episode of your favourite series.

A recommendation feature has been announced that makes it easy to recommend shows to your Facebook and PSN friends. And finally you will be able to see what your PSN friends and the rest of the community are watching, making it easier to decide between turning on Eastenders or Coronation Street.

So a nice collection of features announced here, but sadly there is no release date just yet. We also think it’s safe to assume that this is the same major update announced in April.

Discuss your thoughts on the patch in the comments below.