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Mars DLC Table for Zen Pinball – The PS3 Attitude Review

Submitted by on Thursday, 5 August 20107 Comments

Fond of Zen Pinball?  Looking for another reason to go back and wear out your flippers?  We’ve got the answer right here.

The Mars DLC table has landed and we have the low-down about the newest download for the classic PSN pinball game.

Zen Pinball has been around now for just over a year and the game’s developers – Zen Studios – are trying their hardest to make sure that you have plenty of reasons to keep playing.

The Mars Table marks the fifth post-launch DLC they’ve released on the PlayStation Store and this might be their best one yet.

Perhaps the most alluring thing about this content is its theme.  Unlike most of their other DLC, this offering is not themed after a game but instead has a generic outer-space/Mars theme.

You’d think that generic would be a bad thing but that’s not really the case.  Because of its more neutral subject anyone who enjoys pinball can probably play and have a blast and not have to worry about having a game you’re not interested in repeatedly being thrown in your face.

If it was a futuristic space-aged look they were going for with this design, they nailed it.  Bright lights, holographs and lots of intergalactic-themed items litter the board.  All are very well designed and were a complete joy to look at.  There’s even a small droid that jumps around the table and will occasionally help save your balls – which is great because we all hate losing our balls.

The objectives also have a similar signature to them, all being things that have to do with space exploration and discovery.  They vary from scanning samples, exploring new areas of the planet, doing maintenance on your shuttle and even loading the shuttle itself with properly placed balls.

You know you want to play

One of the things we had the most fun doing was earning a multi-ball bonus and then engaging the zero gravity feature.  It was fun to look at all the balls coasting carelessly through the air, yet as stressful as trying to tie a knot with one hand when the gravity kicked back in and they all came crashing down.

Just like the initial offering of boards, completing all these challenges and missions is quite a chore.  There’s a lot of trial and error involved and if you’re anything like us, there’s probably some foul language involved as well.

The trophies take the same route as the tables prior to this one – they’re a bit of a pain but just like the objectives themselves, they can be earned with patience and perseverance.

In the end, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this offering.  Let’s be honest, if you don’t like Zen Pinball or don’t already own it, this probably isn’t going to be the thing that pushes it over the edge for you.   But, if you enjoy popping those flippers on occasion and feel the desire to do it on a new table, we have a very hard time not recommending this.

The Mars DLC for Zen Pinball is available now for the low price of only $2.49 and be purchased via the link below.

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