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GC10; Mass Effect 2 to offer “seamless introduction” for PS3 owners

Submitted by on Wednesday, 18 August 20105 Comments

Gamescom hasn’t been filled with as many surprises as some may have hoped for, but one of the biggest pieces of news to come out of the event was undoubtedly the announcement of Mass Effect 2 for PS3.

But was clearly missing was any word on the first game releasing on the platform. 360 and PC owners of both games will know that the two titles are tied quite close together and the decisions you make in the original carry over to the second game.

BioWare boss Ray Muzyka has made an effort to dash fears that PS3 owners will only have half of the experience:

We’re making sure there’s a really seamless introduction to the world of Mass Effect, for players that haven’t experienced it before. So even though it’s Mass Effect 2 specifically, we’re making sure there’s a nice introduction experience, that provides the back-story and the things that have happened up to that point in the universe, and makes it a really seamless introduction.

But he won’t go into specifics on how PS3 gamers will be introduced to the series:

We haven’t revealed what that is yet. It’ll be something that provides a good introduction and provides a lot of the back-story and introduces you well to the story-arc, and kind of makes you feel like you’re part of it all. And then you can jump right into the action in Mass Effect 2.

We’re thinking it could be along the lines of a video summary of the key events. But what would be even cooler is if the player is actually given the chance to play various segments from the first game themselves.

Muzyka also gave a brief mention on the included bonus content that the title is set to receive:

One of the things we’re doing is that we’re bringing a lot of the post-release downloadable content and will integrate it into the experience, so that PS3 fans can check that out and play it. I guess in terms of what the Cerberus Network represents, it really represents a lot of content, it represents a lot of post-release support, and we… do want make sure the PS3 fans get that experience in as full away as possible.

An obvious question that everyone is asking is whether future titles, such as the half confirmed Mass Effect 3, will be releasing on the PS3, and ideally at the same time as other platforms. He didn’t give much away:

We haven’t announced any details on any future formats or anything, or even formally announced Mass Effect 3 yet, although there’s a natural assumption that there will be a Mass Effect 3 as it’s a trilogy. EA is a company that wants to support different platforms, reach different audiences; we’re part of EA and we want to make sure we can embrace that as well.

With the game releasing in January, we hope that the wait won’t be too long before we are given specific details on the PS3 version. But we see the future bright for the series on the platform and hope it will follow the lines of the BioShock series by releasing across all platforms at the same time for future instalments.