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Epic Medal of Honor multiplayer footage released

Submitted by on Monday, 30 August 20106 Comments

Who remembers the Medal of Honor beta?  We got some extensive play time with it shortly after its launch, and while the core gameplay seemed solid, we were a tad concerned about some of the presentation.  With their newest trailer, EA and DICE have eased our minds immensely.

Consoles freezing up, visual glitches, hit-detection issues and hit or miss sound effects.  Those are some of the things that we experienced in the Medal of Honor beta that are nowhere to be found in this new trailer.  Granted, we can expect EA to release only the best footage they have of the final Medal of Honor build, but as a team that suffered through those issues in the beta, we’re overjoyed to see this new video.

The level of shine that emits from its presentation is nothing short of remarkable when we think back to how the beta played.  Ok, so maybe none of us are going to be able to kick as much ass as the guy in this video but it’s exciting, none-the-less.

We certainly hope that anyone who had written off the game based on the early build they got to play have since learned what betas are for and will change their tune.  Medal of Honor might still not be ready to take on Call of Duty as the king of modern military shooters, but it looks to be a hell of a lot closer than some might have thought.

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