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ModNation Racers v1.03 update releases today, fixes last patch

Submitted by on Tuesday, 10 August 201014 Comments

Last week ModNation Racers received a long awaited update that was designed to fix issues in the game such as loading times and introduce a brand new casual difficulty.

However, it also caused new problems as many gamers couldn’t even play XP Races which made the game officially broken.

Today United Front Games will try again by releasing version 1.03. Of course this new update won’t make everyone happy as the problems brought by 1.02 should have never happened in the first place, especially because every update is tested before going public.

Along with the new patch, United Front Games producer Scott Nielsen has addressed the community on the ongoing loading times fiasco that despite the last update, still plague the game in various instances.

For the full low down we suggest launching yourself onto his blog entry here but this is a summary of what he had to say:

We have races where each Mod and Kart are all different. Each of these creations are made up of hundreds of individual textures that are fed into our compositing system to create the final creation. As there are up to 12 players in a race, each with a Mod and Kart, we need to do this 24 times for a single race. That’s a lot of data!

In regular racing games, track data is packed onto the disc for loading, but ModNation is not a regular game… We store tracks as blueprints for rebuilding, which are very small on disc. To build a track in the code, we have to first load up this blueprint, then we need to generate all of the additional data for the track and then start compositing.

Due to the unique nature of ModNation Racers, the team argue that it’s hard to keep loading times down. However, this is clearly the biggest issue that gamers face despite the recent update. So for the future we believe this is where United Front Games need to continue focusing on to make the game the best it can be.