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Planet MiniGolf motion patch coming with the launch of Move

Submitted by on Thursday, 26 August 20103 Comments

We’ve known that Planet MiniGolf was going to include motion controls for quite some time but today we have received word that the patch update for the game will be released to¬†coincide¬†with the launch of the Move controller.

PlayStation Move launches on September 15th in Europe and a few days later on the 19th in North America. The proposed patch will allow everything in the game, from the menus and editor all the way to gameplay, to be controlled directly with the Move. It will also be compatible for up to four players at once.

One of our main concerns with the game was the control scheme so hopefully this patch will allow for more precision and accuracy in putting. We’ll be sure to post our impressions of the game post-patch.

For those of you who already have Planet MiniGolf, does the upcoming patch renew your interest in the game? For those of you who don’t, does it persuade you to make a purchase?