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PlayStation Move: what it’ll really cost you

Submitted by on Sunday, 8 August 20108 Comments

PlayStation Move will be released next month and we’re very excited here in Attitude Towers. We’ve all been impressed by how accurate Move is, and we like the look of the line-up – there’s a healthy mix of party games and hardcore titles to get us started. But there’s one thing left to take into consideration: the cost.

Sony say you can get started for £49.99/$99.99. However, if you shop around you can get started for less, in the UK at least. However, there are some additional costs; some which you might not have considered. Fear not, we’re on hand to let you know what you’ll actually be paying should you want the full Move experience.

The starter contains Move , PlayStation Eye camera and a demo disk

On display above is the UK starter pack and its contents. Inside the pack you’ll find one Move controller, a PlayStation Eye camera and a demo disk.

The disk contains demos for nine games including Sports Champions, Start the Party!, The Shoot, EyePet Move, TV Superstars, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, as well as demos of PSN titles Echochrome II, Tumble and Beat Sketchers. The demo is a nice touch because most gamers won’t have had the fortune to test all the Move equipped games so the disk will give them a good idea of what their slick new controller can do.

The starter pack in the US is very similar but for one difference, US customers will receive a copy of Sports Champions instead of the demo disk. It’s safe to say that US gamers have the better package, even if the demo disk itself isn’t a bad thing to have.

The recommended retail price for the starter pack is £49.99/$99.99. The prices are very reasonable considering the contents, the PlayStation Eye itself retails at £24.99/$39.99.

Still, you can save a bit less if you shop around. Amazon UK, and Argos are selling the starter pack for less at £44.99, should you pre-order it. You can even save a further 99p and gain Clubcard points with Tesco, who are offering the starter pack for £44.00.

Sadly, we didn’t have much joy searching for a better deal for our US readers as all the major retailers such as GameStop and Amazon US are sticking to the manufacturers suggested retail price.

You'll probably want another one of these gizmos

The starter pack, which we’ve just covered, may be all you’ll ever need; it’s perfectly fine if you want to play alone. But if you want the social experience, you’ll need to get at least one more Move so your family and mates can play. Some games – like The Fight – also work best if you have two Moves to dual-wield. This is when you start to see the costs rise, as these gizmos have a RRP of £34.99/ $49.99.

Once again, our US readers may struggle to find it anywhere below the MSRP but we suggest our UK readers shop around. Both Amazon UK and are offering the controller for £29.99. If you’re buying a few you’ll make some healthy savings by shopping through these retailers.

If you have the PlayStation Eye camera already, you’ll find upgrading to Move to be very affordable. All you’ll need is the controller – and obviously some games to play. £29.99/$49.99 is an excellent introductory price.

Just in case you were wondering. The camera is essential and you do need it. It’s the thing that actually tracks your controller, it follows the funny looking, spongy ball on top of Move. If you don’t already have the camera, you need to get it. It’s great for video chat, so it’s a great device to have anyway.

The Navigation is essential for FPS games like SOCOM 4

By all rights, there should be a bundle with the Navigation controller. It works just like the Nunchuck accessory for Nintendo’s Wii Remotes. It has a thumbstick so it’s excellent for navigating your game character around the room (appropriate name, eh?). It has some handy shoulder buttons, a D-pad and some face buttons; it’s essentially half of a DualShock controller.

The Navigation won’t be used for all games, only the ones which require you to move a character around a map. So, you’ll need it for SOCOM 4 for example. In other words, most of games that appeal to ‘hardcore’ gamers will require the Navigation.

The Navigation controller will set you back another £24.99/$29.99. It is possible to avoid paying this price because you can use your DualShock alongside Move, but it’s not a very comfortable alternative.

Sadly, once again US retailers appear to be sticking to the MSRP, but UK retailers are offering more competitive prices. for example will sell the Navigation controller to you for £17.99 – a massive £7 savings. Thanks to FurryFreak for spotting this.

It will cost a bit, but look how much fun you'll have

In conclusion. If you’re as excited about Move as we are then you can get started for as little as £44.00/$99.99. You’ll be receiving some quality tech for your money. This will be enough for many hours of fun gaming, but to fully realise Move you’ll be need to get yourself a Navigation (£17.99/$29.99) and maybe even another Move controller (£29.99/$49.99). A second Move is essential for multi-player.

So here’s a guide to how much Move will cost you:

The casual gamer who just wants to play some fun party games, alone, will spend £44.00/$99.99

The starter pack will offer hours of entertainment. It has one Move controller, a PlayStation Eye camera and a disk with nine demos.

The veteran gamers who invested in a PlayStation Eye camera ages ago will spend £77.97/$129.97

Two Move controllers for dual wielding games and a Navigation controller.

The veteran gamer starting from scratch will likely pay £91.98/$179.97

The starer pack plus an extra Move for their mate or for dual wielding games, and the Navigation controller for hardcore games.

Your average family with two children should expect to pay £133.97/$249.96

This includes the starter package plus three controllers. They may survive without  Navigation.

The examples above simply that. There will be exceptions to the rule; there will be casual gamers who want a Navigation controller to play SOCOM 4 but many will get by without it. Use these examples as a rough guide to judge for yourself just what Move could potentially cost you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post them in the comments section below.

Please note, all the prices we have quoted were correct at the time of publishing – the vendors listed may change these at any time.

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